The school, from play-group to class 10, gained the opportunity to enter SEE in 2010. The students were successful each year with excellent results. Our happiness crossed all boundaries when we shared this great news in the Patan Community. The credit goes to those students who work hard restlessly, equally additional credit goes to parents and school family respectively. Our blessing will remain with them for life long.


Every parent is constantly worried about the future of their offspring. Acknowledging the trust & feeling of parents this entire effort is centered on their better treatment & nurturing. Incorporating the right suggestions of the community the school management keeps amending many facets time to time and then applied trusted teaching methods as well.We heartily thank all the determined parents who have chosen the right place for their loved ones  to mitigate future challenges.

Despite not being large in size,  there is togetherness in our school where every child is counted and understood in the spirit of their own mental growth process. There is always cooperative effort in the family atmosphere for the better development of the students and school. No one can deny, the satisfaction and happiness of our parents’ have made us reach this position.

Such positivity has enabled us to further develop the best future of your child and we have created a caring and secure atmosphere in order to get mastery over teaching methods. In the same way, different activities are applied in and out of the school with the objective of the full-fledged development of children. Consequently, it has resulted in the moral, dutiful, responsible, inclusive nature in our students. A comprehensive and competitive course  structure has been developed with specific focus on English, Nepali, Science, Social Studies, Mathematics and the Environment. Equally we have devoted our effort in other creative works as well.

Extra Curricular Activities:

We actually want every child and teacher to develop as an autonomous body who needs to be a trendsetter and accommodating at the same time. We share our experience with each other just to sharpen such skills. Therefore, we encourage all parents to develop an intimate and effective relationship with the school community.

We are Responsible for:

  • Play group children will be treated in a Montessori-based teaching methodology, and also the environment will be created where each student will get the opportunity to stay, play and study along with seniors and friends.
  • Our prime motive is that students are to be provided the opportunity to build manners while playing as well.
  • Children will grow up in a safe and independent environment so that their realm for learning will never cease.
  • According to the needs of each student,  potential opportunities will be provided so that education could develop their physical, mental and emotional parts.
  • Students will be taught pragmatic ways to respect others and to get respected from others at the same time.
  • Frequent interactive programs will be held in order to develop a balanced way between teachers, students and parents.
  • Productive and artistic presentation skills will be imparted to the students so that they should be able to market and demonstrate their knowledge.
  • We are committed to sharpening our students to the degree that they could cope with potential threats throughout life.
  • Teachers give effective feedback to students so that they should know:
    • What and where they have done well in their work.
    • What and where they have done less well in their work.
    • How they can improve in their work in the future.
  • We are continuously working in collaboration with the UK based school to exchange the internationally applied method in teaching.
  • We have an International Visiting Teachers program to foster and appreciate the knowledge  of each other’s culture. And we are determined for its continuity.
  • As you know Mount Hermon  puts efforts continually to bring changes in students and expand their knowledge in different areas.
  • People have long experience that we need a proper and balanced body to be creative so we are focused on physical fitness as well.
  • Finally, your trust is our responsibility. Thus, we are committed to this prime responsibility.

Our Goals

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