It gives me immense pleasure to share the nostalgia of where I spent ten years, a decade. It’s my school “Mount Hermon English School”, located in Chyasa”. The school had been a second home for 10 years where I was guided like the teachers’ own child. I would like to thank my parents for their decision to enroll me in this school. And the school was not far from home as well and so would save time for my study. Another thing that should not be forgotten is that I also got many good friends from this school. Once again lots and lots of thanks to all!

I was enrolled in the school in 2063 and, I started drawing the destiny of my life from that year. As the class upgraded, I started thinking I was learning great things. By the time I reached 8th grade, I felt like I had grown up, and I had become mature. I can’t remain without thanking this school from the bottom of my heart for helping me plant such ideas at such a young age. I received a lot of knowledge so undoubtedly, I could feel the school is like a temple. The best thing I could remember is all the teachers’ unwavering support they never said “no” to me.

Not only did they support me in growing academically, but they also helped me with extracurricular activities & other events as well. That helped me build confidence in myself. As they used to say, “if you are in the right place at the right time”, it would be a blessing. I would count the school as a blessing for me. Reminiscing about the days, or more accurately say, the ten years I spent at the second home, the school MHES, still makes me ponder the happiest and most worthwhile time in my life.

I was certainly not the best in the classes, but they were motivation, guidance, and most importantly consistent effort that enabled me to improve. I will always owe them. I cherish the best memories that have built the purest confidence in me. Definitely as the stronger our foundation, the higher level we reach. And I am so proud to acknowledge that my foundation was laid by MHES. I will forever be grateful to all the teachers of MHES for that as I am constantly moving forward in my life. If life had made it possible for me to start from the beginning again, surely I would have learned with the teachers again, and I would have had fun with those friends again. This is unlikely to happen, but the school has done such commendable work in creating an environment for alumni to meet. I am very proud to be an alumnus of Mount Herman English School. Thank you! Thank you very much for what the school has done as of today!! Wish I return and help the school grow.

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