Attendance at Mount Hermoun

It is crucial that our students understand how importance it is to attend school regularly. Getting it right now prepares them for the future. Please help is by ensuring that your son or daughter attends school everyday unless there is a genuine medical reason absence.

Going for gold 

We have introduced our ‘Going for Gold Attendance’ to give our student a real aim for this academic year. Research has shown that students who have attendance of below 95% are less likely to achieve in school.


Sliver Targets —– 95-96%

Gold Targets —– 97-98%

Platinum Targets —– 99-100%

What to do if your child is ill:

  • Contact school on the first day of absence.
  • If you can not contact school, please send a note on your child’s return.

What will happen if your child is absent without a valid reason:

  • School will contact the Education Welfare Officer who will visit you at home.
  • School will support you and your child if there are any difficulties or problems that impact on attendance.
  • If there is still no valid reason for the absence, then statutory procedure will be instigated by the Enforcement Team.(Education Welfare Service).