High School Teaching

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At Mount Hermoun, all the lessons are planned and delivered to ensure that every pupil experience High Quality learning in every classroom. All of our teachers plan lessons using our “Effective Learning Framework”. This is a four part lesson, including links to previous learning, opportunities to demonstrate and consolidate learning, and time for reflection on how learning has taken place at the end of each lesson. We aim to deliver outstanding lessons, and in our drive to do so, we have identified key strategies and features which must be embedded in teaching and learning. These aspects of learning make up our High Quality Learning Experience and are;

  • All aspects of Assessment for Learning, such as effective questioning, formative feedback, sharing of objectives and the “big Picture”.
  • The pace and depth of learning.
  • Pupil independence and resilience.
  • Appropriate challenge, including differentiation, extension and enrichment.
  • Pupil having a curiosity in, and love of learning.
  • Excellent, respectful teacher-pupil and pupil-pupil relationship.

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