Homework Policy

Mount Hermoun has a well designed policy on homework. The government has issued advice on homework and we have that as a basis for our approach. Copies of the full policy are available from school, but this provides an overview and summary.

The reason for giving homework

There are various reasons advanced for the issue and completion of homework.

  • It extends the challenge open to every pupil and ensures that teaching time is used to maximum effect.
  • To help the students to become successful independent learners.
  • The key skills for independent learning are;
    • Information retrieval
    • Planning
    • Analysis
    • Time management
  • Homework can also provide
    • Consolidation of classwork
    • Practice – learning by doing
    • Self discipline by meeting targets
    • Research skill, enquiry and investigation
  • These skills and attitudes are needed for successful, independent lifelong learning.
  • Given the increasing need for work flexibility, and the ability to learn independently, developing these kills and attitudes must be a certain aim for the school.

The role of the parent or carer

In all of the collected evidence, the role of the parent or carer is vital. It signals to the student just how much parents wish to support and help their child to progress with the tasks that are needed for future learning. Homework will usually only ever succeed where parents or carers are closely involved with the learning activities.

Reward the homework completion

pupil who have an excellent homework record, will receive recognition with their ‘Attitudes to Learning’ grade is reported twice a year. ‘Vivo Miles’ are also used to reward conscientious pupils and for bigger and more worthwhile pieces of word each subject area has its own homework policy and system of sanctions.

Sanction for work not completed

If parents or carers are unable to help students to complete their homework, then homework clubs are available with qualified help to ensure that support is available.

  • Homework must be completed on time. When pupils fail to submit homework, a sanction, such as a departmental detention, will be imposed.
  • Subject teacher will involve Head of Department where pupil persistently fail to complete homework, this may lead to parental contact if the situation is not resolved.