Message From Principal

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Shashi Shrestha

The skill of recognizing true and false acts builds talent to lead life. I am proud you have a genuine interest in our school. We can understand that choosing the right school for your children is not an easy job. In this sophisticated world, education plays a vital role in every field of life. I  believe Education teaches us to understand our duties and how to fulfill them. The whole Mount Hermon family, pupils and parents work together to raise the standard of ‘teaching and learning’. This is the ethos of our nation and we have been striving to instill this in our pupils for almost two decades. Entrusting your children to us is the best start in life you could give them. Your trust, pupil’s presentation, the efforts of our teaching fraternity and other staff, and strong support from the Chysal community are enough for us to build a better and sustainable place for life long.